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Salon Layout & Design

There are hundreds of attractive possibilities for designing your salon with creative and well-organized working floor plans. To begin with, we ask that you make a rough sketch of the salon with proper dimensions of all entry/exit doors and constructed walls. After supplying Sunwalls Modular Wall systems with this information and answering just a few short questions we can customize a salon layout on an architectural scale.

Our Sales Consultants will then take you step by step through the design of your store layout. Based upon the type of tanning equipment, spa equipment, hair stations, etc we will customize the layout to maximize space while creating a pleasant atmosphere for your clientele.

Many salons are now remodeled in order to make the interior more "up to date" and "attractive" to your clients. Even though one can undertake the remodeling planning and designing by oneself, it is better to still consult one of our Sales Consultants before making any purchasing decisions. Our advice will help a lot in the structural designing, electrical, HVAC and cosmetic design of the overall store.

Don't forget that after designing your modular walls you are only done! Take special care in designing the reception area as it creates the first impression regarding the salon! We have hundreds of unique and custom color scheme's to pick from when designing your reception counter, product displays & shelving!

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