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Sunwalls Modular Walls
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What are Sunwalls?

Sunwalls are custom made modular walls for salon, retail or office configurations. Choose from a large selection of melamine wall panel colors to personalize your space. Make your establishment as unique as you desire by using a vast selection of laminates to customize and color coordinate the doors, countertops, product shelving and displays.

From our years of experience, we know that the more space you can utilize in your salon, the more money you can make. The Sunwalls Modular Wall System was developed to not only provide your store with a unique look and design but also to maximize the space available. Since our walls are only " thick, typical salons have been able to gain up to 3 entire rooms by using our complete system!

Choose your Color Scheme...

Sunwalls Modular Wall systems come in a wide array of colors and styles to meet the design needs of your salon. Begin with melamine panels in the standard colors (shown below) for the lowest possible prices or contact us for other available colors.


Or choose colors from these melamine vendors at additional charge:


Choose your Door Style...

The swing door is standard with the Sunwalls Modular Wall system. You can save considerable space by upgrading to our unique Sliding doors and for your "premium" rooms consider the French Door
upgrade whose wide double-door entry is great for showcasing your hottest and most popular equipment!

Sliding Door

French Door

Open Double-Thick
Corner Bench

Corner Bench

Corner Shelf


Room Headers
w/LED lighting

French Doors with LED Standoff and Header Option
Wall Headers allow for above wall space for low-voltage wiring runs and recessed lighting.

Sunwalls Modular Wall Systems Specifications

PANELS: " wood composite solid substrate. All panels vertical edged to have molded plastic edge caps attached.

FINISH: Commercial grade melamine

DOORS: Full height, hollow core covered in high pressure laminate to coordinate with wall color selection.
Painted, edged and pre-hung in the jamb.

DOOR FRAMES: Brushed aluminum or wood door molding painted in a complimentary color of your choice.

CONNECTORS: Designed to allow the panels to easily snap together. Available in Black or Almond. Silver, projects a metallic look, and can be chosen as an upgrade.

ELECTRICAL CHASES: Special connectors that allow for enclosed electrical wiring. Available in Black or Silver.

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